Forrester Says Chromebooks Show Value for Enterprise Customers

ChromebookA new Forrester report points out that Chromebooks may be a good solution for certain enterprise customers.

Forrester VP and analyst J.P. Gownder wrote in a blog that for some organizations in search of a new computer solution “it’s time to take a fresh look at whether Chromebooks might fill a legitimate computing niche for your company.”

While Gownder doesn’t think Chromebooks will replace all Windows PCs, Macs, or tablets, he asserts that Chromebooks may be a good option for firms that are willing to ‘segment’ its workforce and offer Chromebooks to specific workers. Also, Chromebooks may prove suitable for companies that have adopted Google Apps and/or Gmail or for organizations that use customer-facing devices (like kiosks) that don’t require Windows or Mac experience.

Gownder notes that Chromebooks may reduce the amount of time IT staff spends on maintenance and free up valuable innovation time because the Chrome-powered computers offer high uptime, low service costs, and facilitate scalable deployment.

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