Google Introduces Premium Laptop: The Chromebook Pixel

chromebookpixelGoogle’s newest laptop, the Chromebook Pixel, targets power users who have embraced the cloud.

The 12.85-inch touch-enabled, super-thin premium Chromebook with an aluminum body and a backlit keyboard is now up for purchase on Google Play in the US and UK, with slated to receive shipments soon. Google said BestBuy stores in the US and Currys PC World in the UK will have them in stock if you’d like to get a hands-on feel before buying them.

The WiFi version costs $1,299 USD and UK shoppers will have to fork out £1,049. Of course, an LTE version is under development and will be shipping in April for US customers for $1,449.

It’s called the Pixel for a reason: this Chromebook has the highest pixel density – 239 pixels per inch – of any laptop screen on the market today. Packed with 4.3 million pixels, the display is sharp, vivid and allows for extra-wide viewing angles. Full-range speakers, a 720p webcam, and three microphones to help cancel surrounding noise are included as is one terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage for saving and sharing all your photos, videos and documents.

“This is the future – high resolution and touchscreen… We want to push the ecosystem and web development forward, so this can be thought of as a reference device, in the same way as the Nexus, that will inspire a whole new generation of devices,” remarked Sundar Pichai, SVP Google Chrome and Apps.

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