Acer Says Chromebook Sales “Encouraging”

Although Google has failed to release sales numbers on Chromebooks since launching the product in May 2011, there is some evidence that the Chrome-OS laptops have been selling quite well in recent months.

In a story filed by Bloomberg News on January 27th, Acer President Jim Wong said the company was having more success with Google’s Chrome OS (Chromebooks) than similar Windows 8 computers.

Wong told Bloomberg that Acer’s $199 C7 has accounted for between 5 to 10 percent of the company’s US shipments. However, Wong was more critical about Windows 8 product sales.

“You saw that all the marketing and promotions (for Chromebook) were not as broad as Windows 8, so to reach this success is encouraging,” Wong noted on

Wong also indicated that early Chromebook adopters were more business professionals or heavy Internet users and that educational institutions and corporations are showing more interest in the Chrome-based laptops.

While Samsung has not divulged any sales figures, the $299 Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-inch) still remains the top performer on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Laptop Computers, as of January 28th.

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