A Chromebook Security Tip

Chromebooks are designed with simplicity in mind. But that doesn’t mean security issues will not surface.

Both Chromebook and Chromebox users, whether in a business or education setting, need to realize data protection is not an option, rather it is a requirement.

Lev Bolotin, CEO of ClevX, recommends that any person or organization deploying Chromebooks should keep data encrypted on-the-go especially when they are using USB ports to transfer data or just printing.

Bolotin’s company developed the technology behind DATALOCK Secured drives to work with Chromebooks and Chrome OS. The self-encrypting and self-authenticating drives behave as a standard USB drive – just enter your PIN and go.

“All aspects of user authentication and encryption are embedded inside the mass storage device and are self-contained. Since no computer resources are required, the device is OS agnostic and works equally well across all operating systems and computers. It will even work with office scanners or anything that supports USB/USB OTG protocol,” Bolotin adds.

And most importantly, the drives have been tested by the Google Product Management team and are being used by the company’s employees.

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