Google Adds Chromebook Rental Program

To make Chromebooks more accessible to business users, Google introduced a new rental program, which costs $30 a month, per computer.

A new Chromebox may be rented for $25 monthly.

Divya Agarwalla, Product Manager, Chrome for Business, outlines the cost-effectiveness of the program: “Imagine you’re setting up shop for a local political campaign and will have an influx of new, temporary workers. You can rent a Chromebook for each worker for the next few months, and return them when the campaign is over.”

He adds: “Chromebooks meet the needs of most workers, making this rental program a great option for companies with seasonal workers, larger organizations who want to pilot Chromebooks, fast-growing startups and any company looking to preserve cash.”

While Chromebook rental starts at $30 a month for the first year, the rental cost drops to $25/month afterward; it drops by an additional $5 per month after two years. Chromebox pricing will be reduced by $3 per month after the first year and every subsequent year.

Google also added a special bonus, noted Agarwalla: “If you’re a Google Apps customer, today we’re also making it possible for you to purchase up to 10 Chromebooks – including web-based user, device and app management – online from Google. You can manage your fleet of Chromebooks right from the Apps control panel, giving you a unified view across your organization and enabling you to get users up and running quickly.”

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