Livedrive Chrome App Gives Chromebook Users Big Storage Options

Chromebook owners who desperately require more file storage space, may be relieved to know that a UK-based online backup firm has launched a Chrome app to help the cause.

The free Livedrive Chrome OS app – available starting August 10th – will allow users to access all of their favorite files from their Chromebook or Chromebox.

Livedrive’s CEO, Andrew Michael speaks to the need for additional storage: “We have seen the issues Chromebook users have been plagued with and we wanted to help our customers make the most out of their new devices. Livedrive offers users a vast amount of storage space as well as music and video streaming services, which makes it a perfect partner for the Google devices.”

Livedrive also offers one-click file uploads from your Chromebook and direct, easy access to all your files stored on the cloud.

Livedrive provides 2TB to 5TB of storage space starting at £9.95 / $15.60 USD monthly.

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