Buy a new Chromebook, Take off with 12 Free Gogo Sessions

While you wouldn’t expect a mad rush for the new Chromebooks to get underway after just one day, it never hurts to sweeten the deal to create more interest.

That’s why the new Google Chromebooks will come pre-loaded with access to 12 complimentary Gogo WiFi Sessions if you buy one after May 31st.

So after you pick up the new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and board one of the 1,500 planes with Gogo access, boot up in 6 seconds, open up your Chrome browser and you will be automatically guided to the information on how to collect your free sessions.

Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s Chief Marketing Officer said: “Having a light-weight, easy to use WiFi enabled device like the Chromebook is perfect for connecting in-flight.”

“Chromebooks are no-hassle computers that are always new, take just seconds to power up and deliver a browsing experience that will allow travelers to access the Internet in-air easily,” ElDifrawi added.

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