How were Chromebook Sales Over the Holidays?

Google anticipated brisk sales for Chromebooks leading up to the Christmas holidays and issued a friendly warning to potential shoppers that retail outlets may be in short supply.

The note read: “Due to the busy holiday season, some online retailers may be temporarily out of stock. If you can’t find the model you’re looking for, please try a different site.”

For example, if you were looking for a Samsung Series 5 WiFi 12.1-inch Chromebook in black for $349.99 on today (Jan. 5th) – you’d be out of luck. There’s no stock. Similarly, the Acer AC700-1099 WiFi Chromebook is not currently available from Amazon.

Also, the $349.99 Samsung Chromebook Series 5 WiFi in Arctic White is sold out at Were you to visit the website, you’d find that all four Chromebooks they offer are sold out.

Based on the retailer supply at the moment, you could argue that Chromebook sales were strong during the holidays. On the other hand, were suppliers at fault for not manufacturing enough stock because of softer demand in prior months?

Google, Samsung and Acer aren’t prepared to say which is true right now.

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