Chromebooks Gaining Popularity in Schools

Rajen Sheth noted in his Jan. 25th FETC keynote that Google’s Chromebooks are rapidly gaining momentum in the schools of the nation.

In fact, he relayed that hundreds of schools in 41 states across the US are using one or more classroom sets of Chromebooks to educate students.

Sheth, Group Product Manager for Chromebooks, said that three new school districts in Iowa, Illinois and South Carolina are going 1-to-1, which means one Chromebook each for nearly 27,000 students.

In a Google blog post, we learn that Council Bluffs Community School District in Iowa is planning to provide a Chromebook for all 2,800 students in their two high schools and will use an additional 1,500 Chomebooks in their two middle schools.

David Fringer, Executive Director, Information Systems at Council Bluffs comments: “We are teaching content not technology, and Chromebooks simply support teachers in what they do best while giving students the resources they need to be productive citizens. As just one example the quality of work that students turn in has improved literally overnight – from incomplete sentences to full paragraphs, in some cases – because they are much more engaged and participating readily in class.”

Leyden Community High School District in Illinois will also participate in the 1-to-1 program as they roll out Chromebook computers to 3,500 students in their two high schools.

Additionally, Richland School District Two in South Carolina will supply about 19,000 students with Chromebooks in its educational drive.

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