Swing by the Palo Alto City Library & Try Out a Chromebook

If you haven’t had the chance to try a Chromebook yet, the City Library of Palo Alto, California has a new program you should look into.

Library patrons can borrow the cool cloud-centric computers for a week. The program gets underway in January 2012, so make sure your library card is still valid or more likely head down and sign up for one.

Based on a successful pilot program in November in which 21 Chromebooks were set aside for use within the library, the managers now feel it’s worthwhile to let users take them home.

There are some issues that have surfaced from those who have used the Chromebooks, including incompatibility with the Library’s printing service and the unavailability of offline word processing.

Naturally, Google is recording and tracking all user feedback through an online survey to make improvements on future Chromebook models and newer versions of the Chrome OS.

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