Team Chrome Celebrates Browser’s 3rd Birthday

I’m not sure how comfortable I feel passing on birthday greetings to a browser, but Happy Birthday Chrome!

The secret to Chrome’s success according to the team members is: speed, simplicity and security. Among the many accomplishments this year was adding faster JavaScript performance, speedier page-loading times and enhanced Safe Browsing.

As a further testament to the speed factor, it’s taken only three years for Chrome to scoop up 15 percent of the market, behind Microsoft’s 55 percent and Mozilla Firefox’s 23 percent.

Google software engineers Ben Goodger and Darin Fisher blogged: “There’s more to come. Keep an eye on the Chrome blog to hear about new features and performance improvements as we continue to ship stable channel updates every six weeks. As always, on both Chrome and Chromebooks you’ll be automatically updated to the new versions as soon as they’re released.”

To help celebrate, the Chrome team released a pretty cool infographic on the browser evolution and other technology developments:

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