appMobi Adds Chrome App Packager at Chrome Web Store

If you fancy yourself as a Web developer and long to build Web apps to make the lives of Chromebook users better, there’s a tool to make that happen.

On Sept. 8th, appMobi, a builder of HTML5 cloud tools, launched its Chrome App Packager in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Web developers are now encouraged to build and “package” Web apps and browser extensions more simply and comfortably while enjoying easier submissions to the Google Chrome Web Store.

Using a single HTML5 code base, developers are free to create apps for the Apple, Android and Chrome app stores.

Sam Abadir, appMobi CTO, explains: “The appMobi Chrome App Packager fills a very specific need in the Chrome marketplace. It’s a tool that we created initially for our own use, and then we realized that everyone in the HTML5 development world could benefit from it. It can be used to package both hosted and non-hosted apps. By using the appMobi Chrome App Packager, developers also gain access to appMobi’s cloud services like push messaging and in-app purchasing, which are otherwise unavailable to Web apps and browser plugins.”

Visit to get full details.

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