Who thinks Chromebooks are Magical?

When someone describes something as practical and blasé as a computer as “pretty magical,” you just take notice.

Peter Iles, principal, 7th & 8th grade teacher, and tech lead at a small private school in Oshkosh, Wisconsin said that some students indeed thought their Chromebooks were magical and using them was the best part of their day.

Grace Lutheran School needed a computer upgrade for the summer and had to choose from three options: a complete PC refresh, Windows loaner laptops, or a set of Chromebooks.

Iles blogged: “Chromebooks were the obvious economical choice, but they also made the most sense from an instructional perspective since we use Google Apps for Education, which is well integrated with Chromebooks. In my English class, students do peer reviews in real-time in Google Docs and with Google Maps and Earth we can do real-world math problems, which is far more tangible than working out of a text book.”

Students from grades 5 to 8 are currently giving 17 Chromebooks a daily workout and the principal is also using the Chromebook web-based management console allowing him to white-list certain extensions and pre-install education applications on each student’s machine.

So far the Chromebooks, blogged Iles, “have changed the way students interact and…changed the way we teach (and) Chromebooks open up the whole world of knowledge – and that is one of the best gifts any teacher can give a student.”

That qualifies as magical.

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