Infineon Chips in on Chromebook Security

As the cloud computing security issue continues, it’s good to see manufacturers are up to the task of releasing products with enhanced protective measures.

Infineon provides security components for passports, identity cards and contactless payment cards and is the leading supplier of chips for credit cards, access cards as well as trusted computing solutions worldwide.

The company has just announced that it will supply Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips for the Google Chromebooks to help improve the security architecture.

Dr. Helmut Gassel, President of the Chip Card & Security Division at Infineon Technologies AG said: “Google recognizes the critical importance of security for people who live on the web and has designed its Chrome OS application platforms accordingly. As more users turn to cloud-based solutions to access data and applications, hardware-based security will play a key role in the growth of web-based mobile devices.”

In addition to the TPM chip, Infineon provides its TPM professional package security software offering easy initialization as well as management and application support. More details are available at

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