ZeroPC Helps Chromebook Users Manage Digital Content

Chromebook users now have the option of integrating ZeroPC ( to create an an all-in-one content management hub for their documents, emails, photos, music, videos, and social media content with a single login.

So those who recently purchased the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, who want to eliminate the need to open multiple browser tabs to access their content, which will basically be scattered in the cloud, now have an easier way to do so – a simple to use pay-as-you-go cloud content manager.

ZeroPC is fully integrated with popular cloud services including Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote,, SugarSync, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

Richard Sah, VP of Marketing for ZeroDesktop explains the benefits: “Chromebook is a great step towards introducing people to the cloud computing arena, but its tab-based approach presents an uncomfortable paradigm shift for most legacy computer users. ZeroPC bridges a significant gap by providing Chromebook users with an interface alternative that is similar to the familiar Windows desktop environment, and the missing piece for them to achieve a comfortable user experience.”

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Cliff Boodoosingh has been writing on Internet-based technology for more than 10 years. At Dow Jones he covered the money markets, Canadian dollar and daily hot stocks. He authored Regional Analysis sections and competitor profiles for business intelligence reports on the mobile/wireless markets at Marcus Evans. He recently moved from managing digital publications and media coverage for the Technology Division at VerticalScope to oversee content development at, a new personal finance portal.
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  1. kiki says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  2. Thanks for the info. There are quite some web desktops there. If you dont necessarily need a window-like interface, you can try Jolicloud. It has an iPhone-like interface, good for devices with small screen real estate.

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