What they are saying about Chromebooks, now?

The Chromebook reviews are pouring in as more and more users are starting to receive the shiny Samsung Series 5. But several of you have emailed that Best Buy and Amazon have back-ordered the units. Could it be that the sales are going swimmingly, and we should be encouraged? Or should we be concerned that the manufacturers didn’t get their act together quickly enough for the June 15th launch?

We welcome your personal reviews if you are fortunate enough to have received your Chromebook. We’ll have to be patient for the Acer Chromias to arrive and look forward to your notes on those in the future.

Here are selected snippets from reviews made during the past week.

“I am very happy with my Samsung Chromebook. I had been looking for a computer that was fast, easy to use and did not keep breaking down so when Google announced the Chromebook Pilot program I signed up and got the CR-48. I really liked my CR-48 and therefore bought the Samsung Chromebook with 3G at the Gilt flash sale. I’ve had it now for a few days and am very happy with it.”

Mitali Ganguly (San Francisco, CA USA): Amazon.com Customer Review

“Maybe the Chromebook concept would fly if it cost $180 instead of $500. Maybe it makes more sense if you rent it (students and corporations can lease Chromebooks for $20 to $30 a month). Maybe it will fly once this country gets free coast-to-coast 4G cellular Internet, which should be just after hell freezes over.”

David Pogue, NY Times columnist

“Still, once I picked up the keyboard shortcuts, I was able to very happily use the Chromebook for my day-to-day work of Web-browsing, writing, e-mail, video and voice-conferencing, instant messaging, and, thanks to QuickBooks Online basic book-keeping.”

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Blogger, ZDnet.com

“In other words, until Photoshop, video editing and other popular specialized applications are made available, fewer people will reach for Chromebooks than Google would like.”

Blake Snow, Freelance Journalist, www.foxnews.com

“Also, we think it’s a bit simplistic to dismiss Chromebooks as offering too few features for the price — we’d say long battery life and instant-on access are selling points in their own right, and for many people could be worthy trade-offs for a traditional desktop. For starters, you could pay a lot less for the Series 5 than you would an 11-inch MacBook Air, and get superior battery life and boot times. Heck, you’ll get better build quality, startup time, and longevity than lots of higher-priced PCs. It all comes down to whether you need more than a browser.”

Dana Wollman, Reviews Editor, Endgadget

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