Google Says: Get to know your Chromebook

The Buy Now button for Chromebooks is already in place on Google if you hadn’t noticed. And as soon as the box is shipped to your home – starting on June 15th – there’s no need to read the instructions, just hop on to the resource site that Google has just launched.

To set up your Chromebook, connect to a Wi-Fi network or even get
touchpad tips visit

While there have been numerous complaints about Google’s record of achievement on the support front, it looks like Chromebook owners are in for a relatively easy ride. Help is even available by the manufacturer, Acer or Samsung, in the country you purchased your Chromebook from.

Google even offers extra assistance: “But some of You can also contact a Chromebook Ninja if you need additional help. Ninjas are available to answer your questions during the following hours: Monday through Friday, 5 AM – 7:30 PM PST (they spend the rest of their time tracking nefarious bugs).”

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