Google Providing Complimentary Chromebooks

As many of you already know, Google I/O attendees were promised free Chromebooks a few weeks back.

Google has made good on that promise: “Samsung is pleased to be able to provide each of you with an Arctic White Samsung Chromebook Series 5,” Google emailed attendees. “Please log into the Google I/O website by Friday, July 8, 2011 with the confirmation number below and your Google I/O password to receive details on how to receive your Chromebook.”

There’s also a coupon for free 2-day shipping from, the one and only supplier of Chromebooks these days, it seems.

But we have more reason to be envious. Have you heard about the Chromebook Guru Program?

For those who were part of the Chrome Notebook Pilot Forum and “truly stood out from the rest” with their passion, involvement and feedback, guess what?

“We (Google) want to invite you to be a Chromebook guru. As a part of the Chromebook guru program, we will be giving out Chromebooks to a very small and select group of pilot users. The goal of this program is to extend the pilot spirit to all of the Chromebooks in our family and to help spread the word organically.”

Free Chromebooks. Backordered Chromebooks. Delayed Acer Chromebooks. It’s really hard to stay patient isn’t it?

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7 Responses to Google Providing Complimentary Chromebooks

  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

  2. kiki says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  3. Mindy Thompson says:

    That is so awesome! I only wish I was a part of the Google family! I prayed, prayed, prayed, and prayed some more to be a pilot for u Google, but it seems as though my passion for Google and Chromebooks were posted in the “wrong” forum??? The forum was not a Google forum after all, just one made to look like it belonged to Google. Privacy Policies and Terms of Use often come in handy, don’t they? I must admit though that I did learn a lot more about Chromebooks and enjoyed conversing with my fellow Google and Chromebook loyal fans so much so that that was the most active I have ever been in any forum (and would have been even more active had/should I had/have my very own computer 🙂 Jealous I tell ya! Anyway…Google you are awesome and so very generous! I heard about all the Chromebooks you donated to select school districts. You Rock! If you ever find yourself short-handed for Chromebook guru’s (like that’s gonna ever happen), I’d be MORE THAN HAPPY to OBLIGE in filling-in and spreading the word organically 🙂 Shoot, I do that anyway because to me….it’s all about Everything Google! Just ask anyone that knows me:-) Anyway, congrats to all you honored and lucky Chromebook guru’s!!! And congrats to you Google….for making history!!!

  4. “If you ever find yourself short-handed for Chromebook guru’s (like that’s gonna ever happen), I’d be MORE THAN HAPPY to OBLIGE in filling-in and spreading the word organically”- you and me both!

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  6. Kristofer says:

    Major enthusiast from this blog, loads of your posts have truly helped me out. Awaiting news!

  7. Thank you so significantly!! It is extremely interesting ~

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