Get Your Hands on a Chromebook…Now!

Have your heard of the online luxury shopping website Gilt?
Check it out at

If you are lucky enough to be a member of Gilt, you might be receiving an email like the one below starting on June 1st.

Since we announced the Chrome Notebook Pilot Program back in December, we’ve been humbled by the amount of interest that we’ve received from users like you.

We’re excited about the brand-new Samsung Chromebook that goes on sale on June 15. Fortunately, we’ve managed to get our hands on a few machines a little earlier, and we’d like to make these available to you, our biggest enthusiasts.

When you buy your Chromebook, you’ll also be getting a limited edition, custom-fit Chrome sleeve designed by Rickshaw so you can carry your new Chromebook in style.

Our good friends over at Gilt, the premier invitation-only shopping site, have agreed to put these Chromebooks up for sale — but only for a very limited time.

Do us a favor, let us know if you snag one of these premier edition Chromebooks and please don’t hesitate to give us the pricing details and any feedback on how it looks and works. Take pictures!

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Cliff Boodoosingh has been writing on Internet-based technology for more than 10 years. At Dow Jones he covered the money markets, Canadian dollar and daily hot stocks. He authored Regional Analysis sections and competitor profiles for business intelligence reports on the mobile/wireless markets at Marcus Evans. He recently moved from managing digital publications and media coverage for the Technology Division at VerticalScope to oversee content development at, a new personal finance portal.
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6 Responses to Get Your Hands on a Chromebook…Now!

  1. Kozz says:

    I expressed interest in Chrome OS back when Google was looking for “testers” and thus subscribed to a mailing list. And thus, yesterday I received an email directing me to go to Gilt to purchase it. I had to register just to see the price (which I felt was too high).

    And on top of that, now Gilt has shared my information with “JetSetter” another appeal-to-snobbery site of some kind or another, so I’m getting their spam. With whom is “JetSetter” going to now share my information?

    Google folks, I think you can do better. Picture the demographic for a moment: I’m a user of many Google products. I’ve both HEARD OF and am INTERESTED IN the Chrome OS. There’s a good chance I’m technically inclined. There’s also a good chance that I loathe SPAM. You should have simply included the price point in your original message and saved me the pain.

    Dreadfully disappointed in the marketing route you’ve taken.

  2. I liked the Gilt marketing initiative, spam issues aside.
    It looks like it was quite successful – a quick sellout in fact.

  3. Joseph says:

    I bought 2 Chromebooks on Gilt (impulse buy) and have a screenshot of the order confirmation on my blog. 🙂 A bit silly, I know, and I swear I’m really not a techie!

  4. spam from Gilt, JetSetter, etc. continues after I did the same as you, Kozz — extremely annoying & disappointing result — wonder if the entire process was designed to build a mailing list? Ugh!

  5. Mit says:

    Kozz, Mark – same story here. I have unsubscribed from Gilt and Jetsetter’s mailing lists, but am now concerned that my email address will be resold to their affiliates. Why on earth would Google need to stoop to this level?

  6. Valentin says:

    Remarkable tips! I have already been hunting for something such as this for a while now. Thanks for your insight!

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