Desktone Brings Microsoft Apps & Photoshop to Chromebook Users Right Now

If your business wants to adopt Google’s Chromebooks but you are unwilling to give up Windows and other enterprise applications, have we got a solution for you.

Desktone ( has released the industry’s first virtual Windows desktop available now for Chromebooks. In minutes, Chromebook users can seamlessly shift to Windows to use Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop, SAP or Oracle applications.

The Desktone Cloud is a virtual desktop in the cloud service specifically designed to operate within Google Chrome. Chromebooks may be employed by users while still having complete access to their Windows desktop and non-web-based enterprise applications—without having to build a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone, expands on how this impacts Chromebook users: “There is a lot of excitement about Chromebooks and the cloud, but if companies can’t provide employees with easy access to their existing business applications, it will be difficult to leverage. Some have suggested deploying VDI to get around the Windows access issue, however spending the time and money required to build and support VDI defeats the purpose of using Chromebooks and moving to the cloud in the first place. We’re giving companies an easy, affordable way to use both the Google OS and Windows. With Windows essentially available inside of Chrome, businesses get the best of both worlds.”

The Desktone Cloud is a subscription-based VDI-in-the-cloud service enabling businesses to provide employees with access to a complete virtual Windows desktop starting at just $1/desktop/day, without having to build and manage complex onsite VDI. With no repurchasing or rewriting of software, businesses enjoy considerable savings and have the option to introduce the new Chromebook laptops to a larger employee base.

View a demo here or register for a webinar entitled “Move to Google Chromebooks Without Giving Up Windows and Enterprise Applications” scheduled on July 12 at 2pm ET.

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