What are they saying about Chromebooks?

The new Chromebooks ship on June 15th, and while the sleek ‘cloudbooks’ have won over a huge swath of fans, others haven’t quite hit that note.

Many will remain neutral until they try it out firsthand but still there are some who are downright negative about the product despite the fact that it’s not officially released yet.

Here are a selection of quotations and some words of wisdom, we’ve pulled from news stories over the past week.

“I got to play with one (Samsung Chromebook) for about 20 minutes. And while this is far from a full review, my initial impression is that it’s good. Really good. Especially for a first crack at a product.”

MG Siegler, TechCrunch Blogger

“People will be ok with all their files being stored in Google’s cloud instead of their hard-drives, but they will definitely want added encryption for extra security.”

Costin Raiu, Sr. Malware Researcher, Kaspersky Lab

“The device (Samsung Chromebook) itself, though, is sleek and sexy. It’s light, portable and pleasing to the eyes. I wouldn’t mind dropping into a coffee shop with the Arctic White version of the device.”

Ben Parr, Mashable.com blogger

“I see the Chromebook as more of a thought experiment than a viable product at this point.”

Sarah Rotman Epps, Forrester Analyst

“The Chromebook is interesting, but at the moment it feels more like a science project than a strategic product.”

Michael Gartenberg, Research Director at Gartner

“The web is the biggest advantage of Chrome OS – as well as its biggest flaw.”

Javed Anwer, Blogger

“Essentially, buying a Chromebook is like buying a television that is only capable of delivering some of the channels, even though there are televisions available for the same price that can give you all of the channels.”

Tony Bradley, PCWorld Reporter

“We’re venturing into a really new model of computing…This head-to-toe software model eliminates a lot of complexity. Complexity is torturing everyone, and that’s a flawed model.”

Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder

“As Scott MeNeely said famously and prematurely some years ago, “The network is the computer.” It wasn’t true then, but if you’re a Chromebook user, it is.”

Bill Snyder, Journalist

“Well what happens when you have your whole computing life on a corporation’s servers and they change a policy into something you don’t like or decide to sell your data? Or you know, use your information to deliver you advertising, maybe like a certain email program already does? What do you do then?”

Kristine Schachinger, Owner of SitesWithoutWalls.com

“The PC market continues to be bifurcated.”

Léo Apotheker, HP CEO

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3 Responses to What are they saying about Chromebooks?

  1. Mark says:

    All good stuff!

  2. KATHY says:

    So, which one is the very very best one to buy?

  3. The Samsung Series 5 looks very good.

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