The Cloud Security Issue & Chromebooks

With no anti-virus or cybersecurity software in place to thwart malware threats, how secure are Chromebooks anyway?

Since all of our data and applications will reside in the cloud, we will be placing a great deal of reliance on Google’s servers.

Google assures us that we won’t lose our stuff even if we lose our Chromebook: we merely have to use another Chromebook and presto, our data is right where we left it.

Many of us who regularly use online backup services or software on demand, have developed confidence in cloud-based applications, others haven’t. They’ve witnessed big cloud players like Amazon suffer severe outages and are worried about security breaches similar in scope to the attack on Sony’s PlayStation networks.

So will security continue to be a thorn in the side of Chromebooks and hamper widespread adoption?

For businesses used to administering security updates, Google has said that this step is no longer necessary; the Chrome OS will deliver security seamlessly and silently. What? That’s correct. IT departments will no longer have to worry about security patches, which in itself is a major source of worry. What if a Google update fails and screws up a company’s computer network – who is to blame? Who’s job is on the line for the loss of time, money and reputation? This uncertainty will make IT administrators nervous, skeptical and unconvinced to make the switch to Chromebooks. Or so it would seem.

For those of us eager to make the move to Chromebooks, realize that the Chrome OS has been dutifully constructed to keep malware and viruses in check. Google has implemented multiple layers of protection to offset malware penetration. And Google is also proud of it’s Verified Boot system, which scans your computer to detect any threats and more importantly repairs it on the spot!

And as the online backup enthusiasts know, all of your data is encrypted so it’s safe from anyone who’s trying to tamper with it anyway.

The cloud security issue will be continuously debated. Outages will occur. Security breaches will happen. We will learn from the mistakes, continuously improve and make appropriate amendments to our Service Level Agreements with our providers. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy our computing experience to the fullest and participate in the amazing technology innovations coming our way.

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