Google Shines the Light on Chromebooks

Chromebook, the new netbook that runs on the Chrome operating system, is Google’s new thought.

Unveiled to the world on May 11, 2011 at Google’s I/O, it instantly became the major technology story of that day, the day after, and we’ll see how far your tech world is rocked when you finally get your hands on one.

You won’t have that long to wait either. Amazon and Best Buy are the lucky American vendors participating in the sales debut on June 15th. Outside of the US, Google will soon announce which leading retailers will be stocking and selling the new machines.

The sleek, slender Samsung Series 5 , a mere 0.79 inches thick with a 12.1 inch screen is the first entrant in the marketplace. The WiFi only model will cost $429.99 and the WiFi plus 3G will cost $500, or, $499.99 if you want the exact list price.

For those who want a less costly alternative, Acer’s first model will cost $399 with features that include an 11.6 inch screen, HD web cam and HDMI out port.

I’m guessing that the appeal of having no IT guy muck about to set up your computer, a full day of battery life, 8-second boot-ups and no software to load (or buy) have the early adopters and the new legion of the Chromebook fans chomping at the bit. June 15th, stay thirsty my friends.

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