Forrester’s Chromebook Comment: Bullseye or Just Bull?

In the absence of any sales data for Google’s soon to be released Chromebook, George Colony, CEO of Forrester gave Computerworld his opinion of the Chromebook: “I thought this was one of the greatest acts of corporate idiocy that I’ve ever seen.”

Was he having a bad day? Suffering from sleep deprivation, perhaps? Or merely reiterating a strong opinion from a misinformed employee?

Unless Colony has access to a flawed business plan from Google that he thoroughly analyzed, the statement seems shortsighted and unsubstantiated.

Colony sees that people are gradually shifting away from the Internet to mobile-type apps as the primary means of getting information, and considers Google too “Web-centric”. That’s understandable.

So the fact that Google has invested a large sum of money into cloud-based apps and the Android mobile platform escapes this big shot analyst? Does he think there is only room for one major developing trend and not two?

Google has been very transparent about the Chromebook and has tastefully presented well-crafted promotional material, as one would expect prior to a major launch.

Colony on the other hand, is apparently grandstanding and hoping, I’d imagine, to convince competitors there’s nothing to worry about. Perhaps this gets more reports sold. More likely though is that corporate idiocy translates into glorious corporate profits. But let’s wait for the sales data to pour in before we make any more bullish statements.

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Cliff Boodoosingh has been writing on Internet-based technology for more than 10 years. At Dow Jones he covered the money markets, Canadian dollar and daily hot stocks. He authored Regional Analysis sections and competitor profiles for business intelligence reports on the mobile/wireless markets at Marcus Evans. He recently moved from managing digital publications and media coverage for the Technology Division at VerticalScope to oversee content development at, a new personal finance portal.
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    I absolutely galvanized when this article came to my attention. Very intriguing.

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    Very good contribution, I anticipate updates from you.

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